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    Winter in New England with Kids – (Ep. 19)

    In New England, there are two types of people, those who like winter and those who do not. It does not always make sense to me if you do not like the weather in New England, why people stay. The normal response is family. I am one of those people that loves the winter. I love cold weather, I love snow, I love be bundled up and I LOVE my electric blanket! Taryn on the other hand, does not like winter. But she tolerates it because family is nearby. Now that I have a child, I can see how winter does complicate your life. In order to get my son…

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    Ep. 18 – Kristen’s Story – Part 2

    Hear Kristen continue her story about how her life changed in her 30’s after finding out she had colorectal cancer and raising and supporting two kids! To follow Kristen: Rodan + Field Info Rodan + Fields Website Instagram – @everythingkristenk Writing Support with Mrs. K. Info Editing and Tutoring Website Facebook – Writing Support with Mrs. K Instagram – @writingsupportwithmrsk

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    Kristen’s Story with Colorectal Cancer – (Ep. 17 +18)

    Supporting friends after having a baby looks very different for me. I struggle to do all the items on my To-Do list for myself, that I am not always a great friend. That is to be expected when you are in charge of another human being. Whether you are a stay at home mom and or you work and take care of your child, keeping up with our before kids life can be hard. Family of course is the most important thing in life to me right now, but I still want to be a good friend. However, money and time are two things that new parents do not have…

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    Ep. 17 – Kristen’s Story (Part I)

    Here Kristen’s story about Colorectal Cancer and what she went through this past year having a 6 year old and a 2.5 month old. To follow Kristen: Rodan + Field Info Rodan + Fields Website Instagram – @everythingkristenk Writing Support with Mrs. K. Info Editing and Tutoring Website Facebook – Writing Support with Mrs. K Instagram – @writingsupportwithmrsk

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    How I Finished My Sugar Fast

    Well, 40 days came and went for my sugar fast.  A lot went on in the past 40 days. My son started daycare for weeks, my leg got worse and I found out I needed another surgery, I had another surgery, and I was sick for the majority of the 40 days.  However, through all of this, I kept to my sugar fast. If you want to know the beginning of the story, go here. Now, I did not follow it exactly like I wanted to, but I kept the basic principle of no sweets and no sugar substitutes, but my unexpected illness after illness caused me to have some…

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    Top Baby Shower Gifts – (Ep. 16)

    My baby shower was such an excellent time.  I loved planning for it and I loved having so many great people share in the joy of our expecting child.  The hardest part about the shower, was figuring out what I actually wanted for our baby. I did not care about the gifts I received at my shower, because everyone was going to bring or share what they thought was best, and that was important. I did feel compelled to register for my shower and it was hard to figure out what I should be registering for and what I should just buy myself.  Everything I got I made sure to…

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    Swim lessons – (Ep. 15)

    Starting 2019, I was able to get my son in swim lessons.  This is the first activity we put our son in. And so my life begins with a child in activities.  There is a schedule that I need to follow, a set of items that he needs for this activity, and a parent must accompany the child to all events. If you heard one of our previous episode (Putting Kids in Activities) you heard that I am struggling putting my son in activities.  At now 9 months old, I do not think it should be so cutthroat to get a child in activities.  Paying a special price this year…