A New Year – (Ep. 11)

A New Year always brings new resolutions and promises that this year will be better than last year or that things we want will happen A fresh start to a year to make things right is what many people are looking for.

For me, I am looking for a year that is not about a broken leg. Although 2018 was the year I had my son and I have so many great memories that I will cherish forever, I still will always remember 2018 as the year that I broke my leg and the negative aspects that came along with it. I am lucky that family and friends were around to support me during this time, but I will remember that for seven weeks, I did not get to put my son to sleep. I missed out on seven weeks of my son’s life.

So for 2019 I am looking forward to not missing out as much, but I am looking to go out with just my husband. We have only done this one or two times since I broke my leg and would like to get back to having a little time just the two of us and my son getting used to being with relatives and friends.

And even though I want to start 2019 with no thoughts of my broken leg, I can’t. It still holds me back. I still can not run, I can not take long walks like I used to, I can not do hard cardio yet. This has all been hard as the only way I can lose weight is doing all this cardio. So I know in order to lose the baby weight, I will need to do it the very hard way….changing my eating habits.

I’ve decided to join a challenge of no sugar for 40 days! Yes, I know that sounds impossible to some and is still hard for me to even think about. However, I think about the mental toughness this will help me overcome and how it will allow me to see how my body reacts with less sugar in my body. After having my child, I want to live a long healthy life to be with him as long as possible. This is one change that I can do.

If you want to hear how my challenge of no sugar for 40 days is going, you can follow on Instagram and listen to the podcast to hear more about this. Let me know what your New Year’s resolutions are and how they are going!

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