Going Back to Work (Ep. 5)

I remember thinking that going back to work seemed so far away, until August came. Then, it was scary to think I would need to leave my baby. However, I am lucky that my mother and mother-in-law will be watching our baby for the first couple of months before he begins daycare.

Preparing to go back to work also looks different as it did in my head at the beginning of August. With a broken leg and returning to teaching, I have a much more complicated return to work than I wanted. And of course the fears of going back to work began to grow.

Will I be able to work and be a mom?

How tired will I be after work and will I have time to spend with my child? What will I miss in my child’s life while at work? Will I be able to get through a day without crying and missing my child?

How will I deal with being away from my child for so long? This question has plagued me since my child’s birth. I have never wanted to be away from him and was struggling to be separated from him. However, after breaking my leg and being away from him three nights and not being part of his routine those three days, it is sad to say, he was just fine with my husband and mother-in-law. I know they are both always good caretakers of my son, but it is hard as a mother that has not missed more than a few hours here and there in the past three months to be away from their child for days. Now, that I have seen that I am ok and my baby is ok from time apart, going back to work does not scare me as much.

What scares me is how I will feel when I come home from work? Will I be too tired to take care of my child? Will I be able to be present the whole time I am home to spend as much time with my son as possible? How can I manage physical therapy every day when I come home and spend time with my son? These questions are overwhelming and the unknown is so hard. I know I’ll learn as I go, but it is hard.

What about you? How was it for you when you went back to work? Or are you having reservations about going back? Or are you now staying home with your baby? Comment below. My friend Taryn and I go more in depth on this topic, so go to the podcast #5 and listen.


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