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How Do I Make a Quick Easy Meal with a Child

Saying it is an easy meal maybe relative.  I find it harder and harder to cook while entertaining a child.  But I am trying to get better and more consistent feeding my family on a regular basis when I can.  So I do have some go to meals that take about 20-25 minutes total to make. They are not always the most healthy meals, but they taste good!  


This meal is called the Sausage, Pasta, Tomato Thing.  It can be made in many different ways. But here is how I make it.




I like this meal because I can entertain my child as I make this meal.  I set my child up in the highchair and then start cooking.


While the pasta water is boiling, I cut the sausage out of the casings and put it in the pan.  Then, of course, I wash my hand, dance a little for my son, and start cutting the tomatoes. You don’t have to cut the tomatoes but I like them in half.  


At this point, the water is boiling.  I pour in the pasta and turn the burner to medium low/low on with the sausage.  It takes about the same amount of time to make the pasta as it does to make the sausage.  



5 minutes in to cooking the sausage, I will add the tomatoes.  And as that is cooking, I cut up the cheese. You could also use shredded cheese, but this mozz was on sale this week so I got it.  

When the sausage is about done, I put a big hunk of garlic in and let that cook while I drain the pasta.  Then, the pasta goes in the same pan with the sausage and I turn off the heat. I add garlic olive oil to ensure the vampires stay away from our house!  


Then, I add the cheese on top.  Overall, the recipe takes about 20 minutes to make.  I have breaks where I can play with my son, and I can always turn the heat off the sausage if I have to take more time with my son to do something so I do not burn the house down.  


Below is the recipe.  Have fun with this as you can pretty much substitute anything you want in this recipe to what you have in your house.    Listen to podcast #8 about feeding our families! 


Sausage, Pasta, Tomato Recipe

Serving Size: 4


box of pasta

1 pint of cherry tomatoes

1lb. sausage – any type – with or without casings.

garlic – 1 tsp. Or 2 cloves minced

cheese – whatever your liking for the topping

olive oil – enough for pan and to add to pasta at end



  1. Boil water for pasta and in another pan put olive oil to coat bottom and put sausage in pan.  (Do not turn burner on yet).


  1. Cut cherry tomatoes in half and set aside.


  1. Once water is boiling add pasta and turn on burner with sausage to medium low/low. Stir pasta occasionally, and move sausage around to break into pieces.   


  1. After about five minutes of cooking sausage, add tomatoes to pan.  Mix for next five minutes. Cut cheese if using cheese that needs to be cut.


  1. Add garlic to pan after 10 minutes and drain pasta.  Then add pasta to pan and turn off heat. Mix together and add olive oil and mix in to all.  


  1.  Scoop out portions in bowls and add cheese on top.  You are now ready to eat!


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