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How I Make My Son’s Bottles

I first started using bottles around when my son was one month old.  I started  using Dr. Browns bottles. These were hard for me to use as there were so many parts to just make a bottle.  There is a straw and a cap for the straw.  When you are tired at night, it is hard to do all these steps to make a bottle.

So I moved on to use the Advent glass bottles.   I like using glass bottles even though they are heavier.  I am not worried about dropping them or them breaking as they are very sturdy.  You might be too afraid that they would break and not want to use them.


The best part about making my bottles was using the Baby Brezza.  One of my friends let me know about this product and told me to put it on my registry and I’m glad I did.  This machine makes bottle making so easy!



To use it, you look up what setting your formula is and set the orange pieces to that setting.  Pour your formula in and the water on the side.  Pick how many ounces you want your bottle to be and then press start.  You get a bottle made in about 10 seconds that is warm.


As much as I love the Babby Brezza be warned that the dispenser does need to be cleaned often and it will not let you make a bottle if the dispenser needs to be cleaned.  Also, the amount that comes out is not always exactly the ounces you program it for.  Right now when I program for 6 ounces, typically 7 ounces are made.  However, neither of these two negatives would make me stop using this product.  It is amazing and I loved it in the middle of the night when I had to make bottles!


When I am out, I do just fill up a bottle with water and bring my formula carrier with me.  At first I was carrying around a whole container of formula until a friend of mine showed me a travel container!  I’m so glad she did because the container lets you store three bottles’ worth of formula.  It makes life a little easier.



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