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How I Organize My Son’s Closet

Here is what my son’s closet looks like


As he had such a large closet we wanted to make sure that we used it!  So we decided to put all his clothes in the closet.





One of my favorite finds was the dividers for the clothes.  Before our baby arrived we already had lots of clothes of all different sizes.  I loved having them divided by these markers.




This meant a lot of hangers.  So I bought hangers that had the top part that could swivel back and forth and there would be lots of room for all his clothes.




When it came to pants, I was at a loss, so that is why I bought those clips that could go on or off depending on how many pairs of pants we had.


Yes, it is hard to hang up clothes all the time, but I love it.  And since we took the door off the closet or else it would hit the changing table or the crib, I make sure to keep it as neat as possible.

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