Moderation During the Holidays – (Ep. 10)

As this is my son’s first Christmas, I am trying to keep myself in check and not do to much.  I wish I could say that I am doing everything to keep things in moderation, but sometimes it is a struggle.  Christmas is the only holiday that I decorate for. All the other holidays I might have a dish or dish towel that goes with the holiday, but nothing like Christmas. I have a tree decorated in every room of my house – including bathrooms!  So I think that is why I may be doing more than I thought I would for my son during Christmas.


How am I going overboard?  Well, I have bought an outfit for my son every day to wear between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I will say the Grandmothers are helping me with this! I am taking full advantage that the Grandmothers want to buy things for Christmas as well.  There are Christmas crib sheets and Christmas stuffed animals too for my son, that are not necessary, but we still have them.

I am doing well at not buying many gifts for my son.  I figure that I will leave this to the Grandmothers. My husband and I talked that we would get a few things for my son for under the tree and whatever Santa decides to get him will be plenty.  


We are also trying to spend more time together as a family going around to see Christmas lights and enjoying holiday festivities in our area.  We are lucky that so many of our churches do Christmas bazaars and we can take part in that on top of going around and seeing all the houses decorated with lights.

As we celebrate this joyous time of year, I also want to teach my son that we do have so much and we should be grateful.  Now, at 7 months, I’m not sure how much he will remember, but we always buy gifts for people who need them and we bring food to the food pantry.  This year, I will be bringing diapers and formula as I know how much they cost and know that many families must need them. Having my son, had changed my perspective on what families in need would want or appreciate.  


Let us know how you try to keep your holidays in moderation or how you best celebrate during this time of year and go listen to our episode #10 to hear more!  


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