Oh the Podcasts I Listen to (Ep. 1)

Yes, I do adore podcasts.  I listen to them all the time.  It makes driving, cleaning the house, gardening, and walking much more enjoyable.  As I’ve said on my podcast, Mommy Escape Time, I listen to multiple podcasts and want to share some of my favorite podcasts.


But Lauren, why would you share this information?  Aren’t you afraid we then won’t listen to your podcast?  The answer is no.  Just like TV shows, most people do not just listen to one podcast.  I also have no affiliation with any of these podcasts. I am not making any money by telling you about them, nor do I know any of the people on these podcasts.  This is just my most listened to list of podcasts that I’m sharing with you.


The first podcast I started listening to was The DIS Unplugged.  This is a Disney podcast that, from what I can gather, is one of the most popular, if not the most popular podcast about Disney World.  As I said on my podcast, I do love Disney and I love the DisUnplugged honest opinion on all things Disney.  They have many other shows, all which I follow, including my favorite The Dreams Unlimited Travel podcast.  If you like Disney, I do suggest you try it out. 

For baby and baby related podcasts, I have only been able to find one.  I was able to find lots of advice podcasts, but that is not what I was looking for.   I finally came across Hello Baby.  This podcast was what I needed.  It is hosted by Matt and Angela Lanter and their pregnancy journey and now their journey as parents.  I enjoy the shows and love listening each week as their baby is about three months older than mine. It is great to hear what they are going through before I get there so I know what to expect or just to hear their experiences.


I also wanted to find some podcasts that were just fun.  I am also a huge fan of Melissa Rycroft and follow her on social media.  It surprised me how down to earth she seems and how honest she is when sharing her daily life.  Her podcast is The Dirty Hair Podcast.  Melissa and Courtenay DeHoff host a fun podcast where they talk about fun girl stuff and life.  They keep it light and it’s nice to hear them talk about how a mother of three goes through something and then a single girl’s perspective.  

Finally, I have become a huge baseball fan.  I was not always, but always wanted to marry a man that was into sports.  And yes, he was hard to find. I think I dated every guy out there that does not like sports, but finally found my sports loving husband.  He is a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers and it took me a few years, but I have become a true fan also. So these podcasts are very specific to me, but I do love Brewer’s on Tap and Milwaukee’s Tailgate Baseball.

Below I will also have some podcasts that I also listen to but just can’t write about them all.  


WDW Prep To Go

Brewer’s Coverage

This is Success – Skinnygirl CEO Bethenny Frankel’s episode


Any suggestions on other shows I should listen to or any above that you listen to and like too!  I would love to hear from you. Click here to listen to my podcast on how why I started my own podcast.  


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