Taryn’s Birth Story – (Ep. 13)

When I was pregnant, around 5 months of being pregnant, all I thought about was the birth.  I worried about birth and I read about birth. And I read A LOT about birth.  I got books on birth stories and read about all the different options.     

Besides reading, I talked to people about their birth stories.  As Taryn and I worked together every day, I asked her many times her birth story.  I was always fascinated that people could give birth to twins.  It just seemed amazing to me that there are women out there that can have two births in the same day!   They also seem like rockstars being able to go through everything again twice in the same day (for the most part).  

Taryn would tell me that she was in labor for a long time – over a day and never got an epidural in all that time!  I thought about how strong willed she was and how much she wanted to have the babies without interventions.

What was important was how Taryn talked about how she made it 37 weeks with twins.  I never had heard anyone that had twins going that long and going what is considered full term with twins.  So the fact that Taryn could still walk at 37 weeks was amazing enough to me and then she was giving birth to twins as naturally as she could was amazing.  

Of course, like the doctors always say, you can make a birth plan, but we never know what is going to happen.  They can not guarantee that you can have a natural birth or that you won’t need a c-section.  Unexpected stuff happens in labor and no one has any control over it.  So even though Taryn planned for a natural birth, that’s not the way it ended.  

It doesn’t make her birth any less special or mean that she did not do everything she could.  Taryn knew her babies were important to her and she wanted to keep them safe and healthy during birth and if that meant giving up her plan, then that is what she needed to do.  She was already acting like a mom and keeping her babies safe.
Go listen to our podcast and hear what Taryn says about her birth story and let us know what your birth story was like!

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