Taryn’s Pregnancy – (Ep. 12)

Hearing about other people’s pregnancy is always interesting to me.  When I was pregnant, all I wanted to read about was what did other women go through.  As Taryn and I worked together, almost daily, I would ask her about her pregnancy, and still hearing her describe her pregnancy on the podcast, I learned more.  

Taryn’s pregnancy with twins was much different from mine.  I am always fascinated to hear about someone who had twins as I am not the type of person to have twins.  Taryn is a strong woman and she can handle a lot. Also, if you hear in the podcast, Taryn visualized to have twins and she had twins!  I still think that is pretty amazing and really speaks to the power of visualization.

Everyone’s pregnancy journey is different, but Taryn and I shared one thing – as grateful as we were to be pregnant, we did not enjoy being pregnant.   There are some people who love and enjoy every second, but neither of us had that experience. For Taryn, she was constantly uncomfortable as she was growing at a rapid rate from growing two humans inside her.  

While I was pregnant, I wanted to find someone who was going through the same feelings I was.  I found Whitney Port doing this vlog on YouTube called I Love My Baby But… It was perfect for me as Whitney was about six months ahead in her pregnancy journey as I was. She also struggled to enjoy her pregnancy.    

After watching some episodes, I found that Whitney began to enjoy her pregnancy.  It gave me hope when I was pregnant that the same thing would happen. You’ll have to hear in a future episode when I talk about my pregnancy to see if I ever did enjoy my pregnancy.  

Taryn and I both agree though that we were grateful to be pregnant.  We both have/had friends that struggled to get or stay pregnant and know how hard the journey to pregnancy could be.  Although neither of us experienced that, we are sensitive to the women that do struggle. We never want to take for granted that we were able to be conceive and have children.    

Let us know about your pregnancy and if you enjoyed it.  Also, do listen to episode 12 to hear about Taryn’s pregnancy!

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