Working Out as a Mom – (Ep. 7)

Starting in college, I really became someone who walked a lot.  I would always walk to class although it could be up to two miles away from my dorm room.  In my four years of college, I would go for 2-3 hour walks. I was never the type of person to sit down.  My first job when I was in high school was in a restaurant. I loved moving around and being on my feet.


Eventually, I really got into running and working out.  I was never a gym person. I do not like going to the gym.  I want to be able to do all my workouts when I want to, without worrying that a machine will be free.  I also like to do my own walk for a warm-up before doing workouts.


My typically workouts for the week before my son was born was to run three days a week outside and tredmilling at home only if it was too cold/icy/snowy.  Two days a week I would do the stair climber or elliptical and two days a week I would do weights. This worked out for me as we have all these machines in our house.  


After my son was born, I started off slow by going for a walk every day with my son for about three miles.  I had done that same three mile walk every day when I was pregnant too. I wanted my son to get outside each day and have fresh air as much as possible and it was good for me to get out of the house each day.    


When my son turned two months, I was back in my gym.  I mostly did the elliptical four days a week, stair climber once a week, and weights twice a week.  I was much slower since having a baby, but loved bringing my baby downstairs and having him be with me while I worked out.  


Obviously, since I broke my leg, I have not done a lot of walking or working out.  I am just getting back into my daily walks with my son, but I am not at a mile yet.  I will get there and am starting to do weights in our gym just for my arms. I am hoping that in February I can start working out like I did before I had my son.  


Let us know what your workout routine is and listen to podcast #7 and hear how Taryn fits in her workouts each day.  


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