Finding Time for Yourself as a Mother (Ep. 2)

Finding time for yourself as a mother can mean so many different things. As I am a teacher, I know in raising a child, nothing is a one-size-fits-all model. And I’m learning that the “mommy escape time” also varies for different women.

In the past three months, I have tried to think about the times that I have needed a break for myself. I do not enjoy time away from my son like I thought I would, but know I need to take some time away each week. I think the most silly part of all of this is, I don’t miss what I did with my free time before I had a child! I know I was not efficient like I am now! I can fold laundry must faster and clean the house without wasting any time.

It is a little strange on how quickly your life can change and how your priorities change. “Free time,” is very different after I had my son and I even categorize it. There’s time when my son is asleep when I can do computer work and phone calls. There is my husband-feeding-our-child free time where I can put away laundry, shower, make dinner, take a nap, watch a 20 minute tv show, or get in a quick run. Or on the weekends when my husband can take our son for extended amounts of time and I can take a shower and do my hair, go for longer runs/walks, visit with friends, and of course, record podcasts.

Then, there’s the times when I have my son, but I can also accomplish other things free time. This is a little different and took some time to figure out. I typically run errands with him after a feeding so he is in the best mood. I now can go grocery shopping with him as long as I can wear him. I also have a home gym in our basement and I can put my son on his gym mat while I workout.

As said in our podcast, my friend Becky and I do try to go for a run/walk once a week for 30 minutes in the summer. We are lucky that we live close to each other and that we have husbands that can watch our kids during this time. This is our time to just talk about everything and get in a good workout!

However, I’m still struggling to either find time to do certain things or haven’t mastered how to do certain things with my son.

I am hoping on getting some help on what you do when taking your kids out to restaurants when they are young? Mine is four months and does not do well with being still or having me hold him. He is fine if I’m walking around, but that’s not very practical for socializing or eating. He also would be fine if I let him lay on the ground and squirm about, but I’m pretty sure that is frowned upon. I’m not looking for places that are fancy but are like Panera or a diner.

Give me some feedback on what you have done – even if it is you saying you just can’t take your child out comfortably at this age. I want to know what your experiences are! Leave comments and listen to the podcast.


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