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How I Got Around in My Wheelchair

Getting around in my wheelchair was better and harder than I thought. I was grateful that I finally had some mobility. Getting around with my walker was tough because my ribs hurt so much and my leg felt so heavy. (To hear the whole story, go to my podcast, episode 4) Being able to wheel around was nice and I could finally hold my child.

The hardest part in the wheelchair was always being in the seated position. I don’t normally sit for long periods of time so this was a challenge for me. Nothing made me feel comfortable. No matter what position or how I angled myself, everything was uncomfortable.

Since I was living on the first floor, I was able to wheel around to the living room where my son spent most of his days. I was also able to get into the kitchen to some things. It was hard, because my counter was still too high for me to chop or even spread anything comfortably.

The best parts, were I was able to feed my son and wheel him around the first floor of the house. Before I broke my leg, I walked my son around a lot. I wore him in the Baby Bjorn every day for at least an hour because he loved it. That was not an option once I broke my leg. So I would sit him in the wheelchair and wheel him around the first floor where I could fit.

As I got better, I would make it a game. We have night lights that are motion detected and I would do a lap and try to make it back to each room before the night light would turn off. My son loved this game and would squeal if we didn’t make it back in time and we had to motion the light back on.

I also started using a gratitude journal. I needed to remind myself every day that I was recovering and I would not always be in the wheelchair. This journal helped me focus my mind back to what was important; my family and that we were all together and healthy.

Although I am still recovering, I am up walking in a boot and can carry my child around. Some days if feels like the time is going by quickly and then others it still feels like I am having such a long recovery. To hear more about my fall, please go listen to episode 4!



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