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How I Make Baby Food

My original goal was to start my son on solids at 4 months. And our pediatrician also wanted us to start around 4 months. However, when I broke my leg, everything took a little longer to get started.

So at 5 months old we started. The first food that I started with was spinach. I wanted greens to be my son’s first experience with food, hoping that this will not make him a picky eater. Only time will tell!

As of now, I make all my own baby food and this is how I made the spinach.

I filled my pot with water below the steamer and had it boil. Then, I added whole box of spinach. It ends up wilting and looks like a lot less when you are done.


I then added it to my super fancy Breville food processor I got as a gift from our wedding. I love it, but not sure I would ever spend this money on my own.








I added about 1/8 cup of water (not from the pot) and pureed it. It was not completely smooth, but close.




It made about 8 ounces in my nice glass OXO baby food jars. I love these jars as I do love putting everything in glass. These can be refrigerated, frozen, and microwaved. I also like these jars as I can use them for other things like bringing salad dressing or nuts to school in a container.





The 8 ounces should last awhile as my son only eats a few spoonfuls at each day.  The whole process took 20 minutes including boiling water and washing and cleaning all parts.




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