Swim lessons – (Ep. 15)

Starting 2019, I was able to get my son in swim lessons.  This is the first activity we put our son in. And so my life begins with a child in activities.  There is a schedule that I need to follow, a set of items that he needs for this activity, and a parent must accompany the child to all events.

If you heard one of our previous episode (Putting Kids in Activities) you heard that I am struggling putting my son in activities.  At now 9 months old, I do not think it should be so cutthroat to get a child in activities.  Paying a special price this year to get “early access” to sign up is the only way to get my son signed up for swim lessons and any other options in the area.

But beyond that, I’m glad that my son is getting exposed to swim lessons.  Each week my husband and I take turns going in the water with him and doing some fun games and learning to have our kids roll over in the water.

Fun items that I have learned so far in swim lessons:

  • All the parents in the class are very nice as are the instructors
  • Kids range from 6 months – 3 years in the class – at age 3 kids then start going to swim lessons alone
  • The older kids in our class can almost swim on their own after going for a little over a year of classes
  • I can walk on slippery wet floors with my son without falling – check out here to see why that’s important for me

I never knew that I would enjoy the swim lessons as much as I do.  It does make my son very sleepy and sometime he almost falls asleep in the water and always sleeps after the class.  

It is also fun, when I am not the one in the water, to be watching up above and seeing how my husband and son do at swim lessons.  

The only real scary part at first for me was wearing a bathing suit in front of other people.  But I got over that real fast.  I just do not care what other people think and if they are going to judge, they will judge me no matter what I look like.     

Let us know about activities you do and your experience with swim lessons.  Go listen to our podcast and hear what Taryn and I say more about our kids in swim lessons.    

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