Top Baby Shower Gifts – (Ep. 16)

My baby shower was such an excellent time.  I loved planning for it and I loved having so many great people share in the joy of our expecting child.  The hardest part about the shower, was figuring out what I actually wanted for our baby. I did not care about the gifts I received at my shower, because everyone was going to bring or share what they thought was best, and that was important.

I did feel compelled to register for my shower and it was hard to figure out what I should be registering for and what I should just buy myself.  Everything I got I made sure to use from my shower, but here are some of the things that I enjoyed more or used the most. It includes one item that Taryn used with the twins.  If you want to hear how we used these items go listen to our podcast.

*My first gift was a Rock’n’Play but it has been recalled.

The Double Pack ‘n Play for twins

The Swing

Baby Brezza

As for the shower, there are two things that I loved about my shower.  One was the cards I had at each place setting. One was to guessing the gender, weight, height, time of day when the baby would arrive.  The other, advice cards for either the parents or for our child from each member of our shower. I put all these in a photo album and I still look at them all the time.  Below are links to the ones that I used.

Guessing Gender Cards

Baby Advice Cards

And the final part of my shower that I wanted to share was the diaper raffle.  This is a raffle that if guests brings diapers then they are in a drawing to win something.  Everyone who came to my shower brought a package, so everyone was entered. I gave out three $20 gift cards to stores that people could win.  This was by far the best idea for my shower because those diapers lasted about 8 months. That was a lot of months where I did not have to buy diapers.   Below is a link to a person where I got instructions on what to do for my shower.

Directions for Diaper Raffle

ShopSavvy App – You can look up where the diapers barcode is from and return them or exchange for a different size

If you want to hear more about any of these topics, Taryn and I discuss them in our podcast!

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